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Facility Operations


Contact your don and provide details of the maintenance issue. Your don will submit a work order to the Residence Facility Operations Coordinator and the appropriate person will assess the repair. Facilities and Asset Management personnel have the right to enter a residence room without prior notice in order to perform maintenance duties.


Garbage and recycling are to be taken outside residence buildings to the appropriate collection site, except in buildings with garbage chutes. Students are not to use common areas to dispose of large amounts of garbage. Please note that moloks located outside of the buildings are separated into different categories: garbage, exclusively cardboard and other recyclables. Students are encouraged to have a sustainable attitude to keep the Laurier campus green! All residence rooms, whether dorm-style or apartment-style, should be fully equipped with garbage cans and recycling bins. If you are missing either bin, contact your Residence Life Don.


Laurier is committed to promoting the health, safety and well-being of its employees, students and visitors. Asbestos continues to be present in a number of university buildings, in the form of sprayed fire proofing, insulation around piping and mechanical equipment, floor and ceiling tiles. Recognizing the hazards that may arise when asbestos fibres become airborne as a result of disturbance or deterioration, the university is committed to a strict management program of all asbestos-containing materials in university buildings and any activities that may disturb such materials. The university is committed to complying with the legislative requirements outlined under the Ontario Regulation respecting Asbestos on Construction Projects in Building and Repair Operations (O.Reg. 278/05). The university has an obligation to inform all occupants of any buildings containing asbestos. An inventory of asbestos, by building, is available at Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Office at x2874.

Bed Bugs

If you suspect your room has bedbugs, contact your Don or the Department of Residence as soon as possible. Once bedbugs have been confirmed, a licensed pest control company will treat the space. It may be necessary to check adjacent rooms. Your co-operation and active participation will be required throughout this process. No refund or reduction of residence fees will be granted and you will not be relocated to reduce the likelihood of further infestation.