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Operations and Procedures

The following resources will provide you with details about policies and procedures about residence, community and student conduct that will be in place while you are living at Laurier.

Students are bound by the laws of Canada and the Province of Ontario, and by the university and Department of Residence policies and regulations, including the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Code of Conduct.

Residence Standards

Living in Community

Individual residence halls may formulate additional rules for their own building communities, providing such rules are consistent with rules outlined and approved by the Department of Residence. Any such rules are binding on all students.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The Department of Residence is accountable to provincial legislation, the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), which dictates how the university collects, uses and discloses personal information. Under FIPPA, university staff and faculty are prohibited from discussing, changing or divulging a student’s personal information with anyone other than the student. As such, staff will need to speak directly with the student about any concerns unless written permission is received from the student granting us permission to speak to a parent or guardian.

Please ensure that your parents and other individuals who may contact our office on your behalf are aware that Department of Residence staff will not be able to discuss any specific information about your room assignment or any concerns that may emerge during your time in residence (i.e. involvement in the conduct process, extension requests, restitution costs, etc.).