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Logging in to the Online Residence Application System

If you are interested in applying for residence, you will need to login to Symplicity Residence, which is the online residence application system.

The following steps have been provided to assist you in logging into Symplicity Residence so that you may complete the online residence application.

We recommend that you use the Chrome or Firefox web browsers.

Step 1: Locate Your Laurier Username and Password

To login to the online application system, you will need to use your Laurier Username and Password.

Upon applying to Laurier, you received an email communication from Recruitment and Admissions, which contained your Laurier Username (four letters followed by four numbers, e.g. smit1234). In this message, you were provided with information about logging into LORIS using your Laurier Username and your temporary Laurier Password. The first time you log into LORIS, you will be prompted to change your password.

You will need to ensure that you have logged into LORIS and changed your temporary password before you log into the residence application system.

Step 2: Access the Online Residence Application System

Use your Laurier Username and Laurier Password to access the online residence application system.

  • Go to
  • Click on "Resident."
  • Enter your Laurier Username and Password (the same password for accessing LORIS).
  • Click on "Get Started" to proceed with your residence application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diversity Statement

Laurier acknowledges and respects the richness and diversity of all members of our community and values their contributions to every aspect of university life. The Department of Residence strives to affirm people of all genders and sexual orientations; persons from diverse backgrounds, origins, and religions; persons with disabilities; Indigenous persons; persons of a visible minority; and other marginalized groups, as contributing to the vitality of the Laurier community.

The Department of Residence application and room placement process will reflect this belief. In doing so, we embed commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of the Residence experience. The Department of Residence Code of Conduct is aligned with the policies and guidelines captured within institutional documents such as the Residence Hall Agreement, the Gendered and Sexual Violence Policy, and the Non-Academic Code of Conduct.

Housing Options

The Department of Residence recognizes a student's legal right in Ontario to self-identify their gender and/or gender identity. As such, students are placed in residence based on their self-identified gender and/or gender identity and not their assigned birth gender.

At the Waterloo campus, the Department of Residence offers housing options in three categories: gender inclusive housing, co-ed housing and single gender housing.

At the Brantford campus, the Department of Residence offers housing options in two categories: gender inclusive housing and co-ed housing.

Room Assignment Process

Room assignments are processed on a lottery basis using the residence preferences selected in the application.

In the online residence application, students are able to select their top two residence preferences.

All students participate in lotteries for their first and second residence preferences. However, due to demand for a particular residence preference and the number of rooms available, students may not receive an assignment in one of their selected preferences.

Typically there is a greater demand for "dormitory-style, semi-private rooms" and "apartment-style, single rooms" than the number of rooms available. In previous years, all of these rooms have been filled after the first room assignment lottery is held based upon first residence preferences. Therefore, students are not able to select "dormitory-style, semi-private room" or "apartment-style, single room" as their second residence preference.

Following is an overview of the room types and residence styles which may assist students when selecting their residence preferences.

Room Types

Single Room: One student is assigned to the bedroom.

Shared Double Room: Two students who identify as the same gender or who have applied to gender inclusive housing are assigned to the bedroom.

Residence Styles

At the Waterloo campus, seven residence preferences are offered in gender inclusive housing, eight residence preferences are available in co-ed housing and one residence preference is available in single gender housing.

All rooms within each apartment unit will be assigned to students who identify as the same gender or who have applied to gender inclusive housing.

Within each apartment unit, there may be a combination of single rooms and shared double rooms.

At the Brantford campus, two residence preferences are offered in both gender inclusive housing and co-ed housing.

Students should contact the Department of Residence at before submitting their Residence Application if they have any questions regarding the room assignment process.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) is provincial legislation that dictates how the University collects, uses and discloses personal information. Under FIPPA, the Department of Residence is prohibited from discussing or divulging a student's personal information with anyone other than the student.