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Living and Learning

Residence Learning Communities

A Residence Learning Community (RLC) is a themed residence environment where students share a common interest, major or coursework. RLCs are designed to extend opportunities for learning and development beyond the classroom. This is achieved by offering you opportunities to network with peers, faculty and staff through programs held both in your residence and off campus.

First-Year Leadership Programs

Our First-Year Leadership Programs (FYLPs) create opportunities for students living in residence to find their fit. With over 300 leadership positions available to first-year students, Laurier’s residence program continues to thrive because of the energy new student leaders bring.

Themed Environments and Learning Clusters

The Department of Residence offers two unique themed environments on our Waterloo campus for students who are interested in living in a community that appeals to a more structured lifestyle preference. These two communities have been designed to allow students who prefer a more structured environment to be able to make that choice and still enjoy the residence experience. Before applying to a themed environment, it is important students understand the scope of these communities and read their descriptions carefully. In order for themed environments to be successful, all students must be willing to abide by the extended residence policies.

The Department of Residence offers three Learning Clusters on our Brantford campus. Learning clusters provide students with the opportunity to engage in programming with others who share a common interest while living in a traditional residence community. Students participating in a Learning Cluster will be placed in the same residence building on different residence floors, participate in their own floor's programming, but have the added benefit of tailored programming based on the theme of their Learning Cluster.

Quiet Study Environment

We are committed to providing every student with the right to a reasonably quiet living environment. Our regular "quiet hours" are from 11 p.m. to 10 a.m. Sunday to Thursday, and from 1 a.m. to 10 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. In the Quiet Living community, the "quiet hours" are extended, commencing at 8 p.m. every night until 10 a.m. the next morning. The Quiet Living community is a place which seeks to maintain an environment conducive for sleep and study at all times. It is not designed to be anti-social, but rather composed of individuals who are committed to respecting the schedules of all students in their community.

Alcohol-Free Environment

An alcohol-free living community requires that the following community standards be upheld by its residents:

  • Alcohol, and associated drinking paraphernalia (posters, clothing and other related merchandise), are not permitted within the community.
  • Intoxicated behaviour, resulting from the use of alcohol and/or illegal substances, is not permitted within the community.
  • Guests who visit the community are required to follow the same guidelines as residents (as they relate to the possession and/or use of alcohol and all other residence policies).

Business and Technology Management Learning Cluster

The Business and Technology Management (BTM) Learning Cluster is new for the 2017-2018 academic year with the goal of strengthening the community of first-year students living in residence who are enrolled in the BTM program. In collaboration with faculty and campus partners, the BTM Learning Cluster supplements learning in the classroom with engaging social and education programs outside the classroom. With the help of the Learning Cluster Advisor (an upper year BTM student), students will work together throughout the year to build community and connection. The Learning Cluster's facilitated learning experiences are designed to challenge, develop, and inspire students, and to provide tools for success in the program.

Game Changers Learning Cluster

First-year students who are either in the Game Design and Development program or have an interest in gaming and game design are invited to live in our Game Changers Learning Cluster. Students in the Game Changers Learning Clusters will have access to a senior student mentor, exclusive programming in the BGN Lab, including game testing and Breakout EDU Game Jam, and to faculty whose area of study is in gaming.

Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster

The Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster is new for the 2017-2018 academic year with the goal of strengthening the community of first-year students living in residence who are enrolled in the Sussex Law program. With residence-facilitated learning experiences, this learning cluster challenges and inspires you to achieve academic excellence in a supportive environment. This cluster encourages you to collaborate, network, and focus on course material, while providing the opportunity to develop strong relationships with other students in your cohort. Participation in the Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster is recommended for anyone enrolled in the Laurier-Sussex Law degree program and is interested in developing a deeper sense of connection to their peers with whom they will be traveling and studying at Sussex University.

The Laurier-Sussex Law Learning Cluster will be advised by an upper year student in the same program, who will facilitate learning experiences with the goal of providing tools for success in all elements of the program.