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Poster Regulations

A "poster” refers to any poster, notice, or advertisement which announces activities or events, conveys information about clubs or other organizations, or serves a similar purpose.

Posters will only be stamped for departments, faculties, recognized campus clubs and/pr organizations within the Wilfrid Laurier University community. No external organizations will have their posters stamped unless directly endorsed by a department, faculty or recognized campus club or organization.

It is expected that when displaying posters you will exercise common sense and good taste. The following regulations will be enforced by the Office of Student Affairs.

Authorization for Posting

  • Residences: Manager of Residential Services and Housing Office.
  • Athletic Complex: Athletic Complex Office.
  • All other university buildings: Office of Student Affairs
  • Employment opportunities notices: May be posted through Career Services.
  • Listings for off-campus housing: May be posted through the Off Campus Housing Office.
  • Off-campus events involving alcohol must be approved by the Students' Union Vice-President: Marketing office prior to approval from the Office of Student Affairs.

Who Can Post

  • Organizations wishing to put up posters must be affiliated with or sponsored by a campus department or group recognized by the Students' Union, Graduate Students' Association, and/or the University.
  • The particular campus group with which the organization is affiliated must be clearly indicated on the poster.
  • Posters for clubs and associations must be approved by the Students' Union prior to getting a stamp from the Office of Student Affairs.

The Rules

  • Posters may appear only on bulletin boards or designated cement block walls.
  • For the protection of the surfaces, posters attached to painted drywall, pillars in the Concourse, and glass including windows will be taken down.
  • Posters are not allowed in the stairwells (Fire Marshall Regulations).
  • Posters are not permitted in the library building.
  • Posters are logged by the Office of Student Affairs to track the approved posters.
  • Groups granted authorization for posters are responsible for their removal within twenty-four hours following the event.
  • Failure to comply with the rules, may result in loss of privileges.
  • Any damages caused are charged to those that registered the poster.


  • Maximum of 25 posters.
  • Maximum size of poster will be 2' x 3'.
  • The availability of alcohol beverages may be mentioned on the poster but not in a fashion as to entice people to the function.
  • The words “liquor, wine, beer, pub, etc.” may not be mentioned on a poster.
  • The words “licensed under AGCO” are to be used to advertise that liquor is available (these rules are set by the Ontario Liquor License Act).
  • Event posters may be up two weeks (14 days) prior to an event (extensions must be approved by the Dean of Students’ Office).
  • No posters can purposely be scattered on or taped to the floor.
  • All bulletin boards which are designed for a specific use or user are reserved exclusively for that purpose (posters not relating to the designated use will be removed).
  • Only thumb tacks and staples may be used to attach posters to bulletin boards.
  • Masking tape must be used for attaching posters to brick walls.
  • Groups advertising an off-campus event will not get their posters stamped without presenting a signed copy of the Students’ Union “Off-Campus Event Registration” form.

Exception: For Students' Union election campaigns, specific rules apply solely for the candidates. For more detail see the “Election Poster Policy” in the Students’ Union.