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Sustainability Office creating Laurier's new 5-year Action Plan

The Laurier Sustainability Office is currently creating its new 5-year Sustainability Action Plan. This plan will guide Laurier's goals and sustainability initiatives for the next five years. The Sustainability Office is seeking input from Laurier students, staff and faculty so that the new Action Plan will reflect the values of the Laurier community. For further information you may access the previous Action Plan.

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The first Action Plan outlined Laurier's goals and sustainability objectives for 2012 to 2016. This plan has resulted in many sustainability features and practices that can be seen at Laurier today. Projects and programs such as Laurier's Lazaridis Hall (a LEED certified building), the Community Access Bikeshare program, the Sustainable Hawk Fund, the Move-Out-Waste ProgramNorthdale Community Garden, and many more are projects that came from the goals of the first Action Plan!