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Laurier Becomes the 20th Fairtrade Campus in Canada

At Laurier we want to make it easier for our community to make ethical purchases. We know that what we buy can affect people across the globe. That's why Laurier is proud to announce that it is the 20th Canadian university to receive a Fairtrade Campus designation from Fairtrade Canada. 

All campus run and Students Union locations serving food and drinks will serve 100% Fairtrade coffee, offer at least three Fairtrade teas and one Fairtrade chocolate where these items are sold. Now that the designation has been awarded the next stage is educating the Laurier community on fair trade and where to purchase fair trade products on campus. 

Fairtrade Open House Jan. 25 at BYTE 75

To celebrate Laurier achieving its Fairtrade Campus designation we are hosting on Open House at BYTE 75 on Wednesday, Jan. 25th. Learn about fair trade and its benefits at interactive booths and find out where you can get Fairtrade products at Laurier. 

Find more information about fair trade and the Fairtrade Campus designation online at