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The Laurier Move-Out Program

Every year thousands of students move back home for the summer months leaving behind piles of garbage, unwanted furniture, and household items. In an effort to curb this issue the first Student Move-Out Waste Program was held for off-campus students at the Waterloo campus in April 2016. The program featured a drop zone at the Northdale campus where students could drop off their unwanted furniture, household items, clothing, textbooks, electronics, and non-perishable food. The event was a hit and an estimated 4,020lbs of clothing, books, e-waste and food was collected along with 2 forty cubic yard containers full of furniture and household items!

This year the Laurier Move-Out will run April 17-22 and will be located in parking lot A3 between Alumni Feild and the Athletics Complex. Saturday, April 22rd will feature a BBQ, documentary tent, and board games. Students are encouraged to bring their unwanted items to the drop zone to be responsibly recycled or donated to participating community partners. 

The first Move-Out Program was run by the First Year Sustainability council in 2015. The Council set up donation bins in residences and collected 1,979lbs of items to be donated and recycled. In March 2016 key stakeholders and students were brought together to address the issue of curbside waste left by off-campus students in a workshop hosted in the purpose lab. This workshop led to the expansion of the Move-Out Program to include a drop zone for off-campus students.  

The Laurier Move-Out Program has allowed thousands of pounds of waste to be diverted from the landfill. Donated furniture and clothing is either taken to Laurier's Something Golden program to be resold to students at low cost or donated to Goodwill. Non-perishable foods are donated to the Waterloo Food Bank and electronic waste is recycled by Tech Wreckers. Textbooks are donated to Textbooks4Change, and organization that donates books to schools in Africa or responsibly recycles them. 

Moving out in April? Don't leave your stuff on the curb! Bring it to the Laurier Move-Out.