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Education and Action

Educational Opportunities on Campus

Take action by attending one of the many workshops and events on campus that are working to foster a consent culture on Laurier’s campus, or by requesting a training workshop or event.

Sexual Violence Education Action Committee

The Sexual Violence Education Action Committee is Laurier’s hub of all gender and sexual violence training, education, prevention, and programming. The committee, coordinated by the sexual violence response coordinator, also includes members from the Sexual Assault Centre, Wellness Centre, and ASCC.

Workshops and Training

Want to book one of our experts to come in and speak? Email us! Below you'll find contact information for members of the Sexual Violence Education Action Committee available to coordinate speakers/training/workshops:

Workshop topics available by request include:

  • Disclosure Training
  • Consent 101
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Sexual Violence Culture
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Enthusiastic Consent
  • Masculinity and Gender Stereotypes
  • Intro to Male Allyship
  • Deconstructing Porn
  • Supporting LGBTQ2 Individuals
  • Queer/Trans Masculinity

Note: Members of the Sexual Violence Education Action Committee are able to create additional workshops and trainings connected to gendered and sexual violence upon request.

Online Training

Need Help Right Now?

Office of Dispute Resolution and Sexual Violence Support:

24 Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Lines:

  • Waterloo: 519.741.8633
  • Brantford: 519.751.3471


  • 911

Special Constable Services:

  • Waterloo: 519.885.3333 (external phones) or x3333 (on-campus phones)
  • Brantford: 519.770.3778 (external phones) or x3333 (on-campus phones)
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Getting Involved

Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC)

Check out Advocates for a Student Culture of Consent (ASCC — pronounced “ask”), an intersectional feminist, activist collective that is passionate about ending sexual violence. ASCC is an LSPIRG community research and action group. It's important to us that you know many of us are survivors of sexual and gendered violence, we are sex-positive, anti-colonial, anti-oppressive and pro-choice, we support sex workers, and we're allies and members of the queer and trans communities.

Male Allies

Get involved with Male Allies, which works to engage boys and men, with their unique ability and responsibility, in ending systemic and everyday forms of gender-based violence. They do this through programming that provides alternative narratives of masculinity, opportunity for self-reflection and dialogue, and challenges harmful language and behaviour.

The Office of Dispute Resolution and Sexual Violence Support operates on the sacred and traditional land of the Anishnawbe, Haudenosaunee, and Neutral peoples.