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Curiosity Labs

Sometimes it can feel like everyone knows how to ask someone out, share with a partner our needs or get over a breakup but us. The reality is many of us struggle with fostering relationships.

We created Curiosity Labs to be a shame-free experimental space to explore relationships with your peers.

In Curiosity Labs workshops:

  • We learn from each other, ask questions and build our relationship skills together.
  • We explore ways we can flirt, set boundaries, handle rejection, apologize, communicate and deal with conflict through interactive activities, writing prompts and pop culture examples.
  • You will leave each workshop with tangible relationship tools.

You can take all or one of the seven workshops throughout the school year.

Curiosity Labs is a partnership with Consent is Golden Laurier and Consent Comes First. 

Upcoming Workshops 

Check back for upcoming Curiosity Labs workshops.

Past Workshops