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Speaker Series: We Deserve Healing Not Harm

Building a Community Response to the Criminalization of Gender-Based Violence Survivors 

We Deserve Healing Not Harm is a speaker series focused on the ongoing widespread criminalization and punishment of survivors of gender-based violence.

This series is an opportunity to unpack, explore paths for change and generate collective action. Through speakers, panels, resource sharing, and calls to action we will explore ways to recognize and challenge the intersecting systems that target and harm survivors.  

Join Consent Comes First (Toronto Metropolitan University), Consent is Golden (Laurier), and Sexual Assault Support Centre (Carleton University) as we work towards systems that heal rather than harm. 

Upcoming Events

Protected or Dismissed: Responding to the Needs of Black, Indigenous and Racialized Survivors

March 21st 1:00PM-2:30PM
Virtual event
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Black, Indigenous and Racialized communities are systematically targeted with experiences of gender-based violence. These survivors are silenced, dismissed and even criminalized when they seek out support, safety, and accountability. We know that Black, Indigenous, and racialized communities have been intentionally excluded from shaping and implementing interventions that respond to their experiences of harm. This panel will hear from experts Rima M. Hanna, Patrina Duhaney, and Audrey Huntley as they discuss the realities of the violence experienced in these targeted communities and strategies for healing, action, and justice.


Topics for 2022/23 include: 

  • Who Gets Protected and Who Gets Dismissed  
  • Criminalization of Sexual Assault Survivors 
  • Discrimination, Violence and Healing Within Marginalized Communities. 
  • Stories Spark Change Keynote - TBA 

Past Events 

Check back for more speaker series events.