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2018 Small Grants Program for Research on Gendered Violence at Laurier


Proposals due: January 31, 2018


As part of the ongoing development of Laurier’s Gendered Violence Task Force (GVTF), the Research and Assessment Working Group has funding available to support small-scale research projects that examine gendered violence on campus. The Small Grants Program is open to all Laurier students, staff and faculty. Grants of up to $2000 will be awarded.

Gendered violence refers to any action or attitude that establishes, exploits, or reinforces gender inequalities resulting in physical, sexual, emotional, economic or mental harm. The phrase gendered violence is used to highlight when acts of violence are specifically related to an individual’s gender or how the express their gender. Gendered violence includes sexism, gender discrimination, gender harassment, biphobia, transphobia, homophobia, heterosexism, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and intimate partner violence. Gendered violence often intersects with ableism, racism and other forms of oppression so that experiences of gendered violence may not only be about gender, but also about other aspects of an individual’s identity.

In 2016 Laurier completed a campus climate survey among students, thus funding will not be provided for projects that significantly overlap with a campus climate survey.

Funded projects will:

  • Support the creation of new knowledge about gendered violence at Laurier through conventional data collection methods (e.g., survey, interviews) or creative/arts-based projects (e.g., Photo Voice);
  • Have a clear impact on the Laurier community;
  • Have a primary focus on the Laurier campus community, but the project can include links to the broader community and/or other universities.

The committee would be especially delighted to receive applications that include or focus on Laurier’s Kitchener and Brantford campuses; utilize innovative research methods; involve survivors of sexual violence; and/or specifically engage members of minoritized groups.

Submission Guidelines

Proposals must provide the following information (maximum 5 pages single spaced):

1. Project Leader: The Project Leader is the person responsible for implementing and managing the project.

  • Student-submitted proposals require a faculty or staff supervisor; part-time faculty are eligible to supervise students. Please identify the faculty/staff member and include an attachment from the faculty/staff member specifying they support the application and will supervise the project. Similar to a student applicant, faculty/staff supervisors must complete the tcps2 tutorial (http://www.pre.ethics.gc.ca/eng/education/tutorial-didacticiel/). If a student applicant does not have a supervisor, the Research and Assessment Working Group may be able to suggest possible supervisors.

2. Project plan, including

  • Overall research aim and objectives, rationale in terms of the knowledge gap being addressed, and methods (sample, data collection and analysis).
  • Timeline for the project in terms of key milestones (can be a multi-year project, if needed).
  • Statement about impact of the research on the Laurier community.
  • Line budget and budget narrative, including articulating how each expenditure relates to the research objectives/activities. If funding from other sources is available/being sought, please list the sources and amounts.
    • Notes: Travel expenses to conferences or other dissemination activities are not eligible under the Research and Assessment Small Grants Program. Any personnel costs should be direct costs to support the research project (for example, research assistance or transcription services). Researchers will be required to demonstrate REB approval before funds will be released.

3. Confirm a willingness to share the results with the Gendered Violence Task Force through a brief community report and possibly a presentation. If the researchers have concerns about sharing participant data, please provide a brief discussion of these issues.

Index codes for projects will be provided by the Gendered Violence Task Force

Applications are due January 31, 2018. Please submit the full application via email to Dr. Michael Woodford (mwoodford@wlu.ca), Co-Chair, Research and Assessment Working Committee, Gendered Violence Taskforce. Any questions regarding the program or submissions can be directed to Dr. Michael Woodford.