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Wellness Library

Part of staying well is expanding your knowledge and learning more about how you can prioritize your well-being. Clinical professionals, wellness education staff, and student volunteers in the Student Wellness Centre have been working to produce a library of articles to provide an additional mode of support that you can access all the time, but especially during this time while we are working and studying apart.

What’s New?

Do you struggle with the fear of missing out?  Read Got #FOMO? Strategies for Dealing with the Fear of Missing Out.

Twelve months into the coronavirus pandemic, things are still tough.  Read Nathan's article about finding connections to cope with loneliness and isolation and don't miss Sherrie's new article on why it's so exhausting to be in online meetings chats all the time.

Read Chris's new article on overcoming public speaking and presentation anxiety.

Don't miss Megan's article Honouring Your Sexual Boundaries.

Don’t miss "Suffering from Burnout? You’re not alone" by Waterloo campus Peer Wellness Educator Jessica Linton. She discusses her feeling of being overwhelmed with the changes from COVID-19 and adapting to this new learning environment.

Article Library

Read through to find new ways to stay well. Check back regularly for more articles or follow us on Twitter @LaurierWellness to hear when new articles are posted.