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Ride the Wave in the Summer

Our wellness workshop series is back for the summer.  Join us Tuesday afternoons at 2:30 starting on May 22 in the Student Health and Development Centre.  Workshops are free, drop-in, and open to registered students.

May 22: Self-Care and Resilience
Learn how your habits can impact your sense of well-being and your ability to cope throughout the day.

May 29: Food and Your Mood
The food we eat impacts our physical health and our mental wellness. Learn tips for eating well, managing emotional eating, and preventing yourself from becoming “hangry.”

June 5: Finding Your Bliss with Vocational Wellness
Learn how to uncover your talents and passions now, so you are prepared for work you find is authentic, meaningful, and brings you joy throughout your professional life.

June 12: Gratitude
Gratitude and creative activities help you recharge during busy times. Take some time for yourself, and join us for a creative activity that is focused on gratitude.

June 19: Mindfulness
Learn strategies to increase your self-awareness and focus on the present moment. This workshop teaches mindfulness skills that are great for daily practice and to help you cope when feeling stressed.

June 26: Emotional Regulation
Join us to talk about strategies to increase resilience, awareness, and emotional control.

July 3: Power of Connections
Learn about building systems of support and how to refer a friend in distress. You can’t pour from an empty bucket!

July 10: Meditation
Mindfulness meditation can help reduce rumination and over-thinking which can reduce stress and anxiety. Learn about meditation and participate in an introductory meditation exercise.

July 17: Overcoming Sadness
Get helpful information about depression and tips for managing stormy weather. This workshop offers practical ways of dealing with sadness and ideas about how to help a friend who is low.

July 24: Exam and Performance Anxiety
Learn ways to handle performance anxiety, improve your mental game, and find inner calm during midterms and exams.