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Workshops and Groups

Professional staff in the Student Wellness Centre offer psychoeducational workshops and groups to provide additional support to student and offer practical tips to increase resilience, manage stress and develop stronger coping skills.  For more information, or to give us feedback, email

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Ride the Wave

About Ride the Wave

Ride the Waves of student life with the Student Wellness Centre’s skill-building workshops designed to offer useful tips to increase resilience, manage stress, and develop skills to cope with the turbulence of life.  Workshops are delivered by clinical staff from the Student Wellness Centre.  For questions, or to give us feedback, email

This summer, workshops are being delivered remotely using Zoom on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 2:00.  Meeting ID: 948 1546 1319 Password: 000684

Thursday May 14 @ 2:00: Self-Care and Resilience
Learn how your habits can impact your sense of well-being and your ability to cope throughout the day.

Thursday May 21 @ 2:00: Social Media and Mental Health
This workshop will address how social media affects mental health.  It will give particular attention to the impact of social media and the news during the stress and isolation of the coronavirus pandemic, and it will discuss strategies for managing the stress and setting healthy boundaries.

Thursday June 11 @ 2:00: Grounding and Mindfulness
Learn strategies to increase your self-awareness and focus on the present moment.  This workshop teaches skills that are great for daily practice and to help you cope when feeling stressed.

Tuesday June  23 @ 2:00: Happiness 101
Learn about Positive Psychology and the secrets to increasing positive emotions, decreasing negativity, and creating life satisfaction.

Tuesday July 14 @ 2:00:  Roommate Communication and Conflict Resolution
We will address the common communication issues that arise between roommates, especially when access to social contact and activities outside the house are severely limited.  This workshops will pay particular attention to the fact that at this unusual time, our roommates may be our parents, siblings, or other immediate family members with whom we did not expect to be living under such stressful circumstances.

Tuesday July 21 @ 2:00: Consent and Healthy Relationships
Healthy relationships are essential to wellness.  Join us to talk about respectful relationships, how to maintain wellness within them, and how to cope if they end.  We will also discuss having positive conversations about consent and the importance of personal boundaries.

Tuesday July 28 @ 2:30: Exam and Performance Anxiety
Learn ways to handle performance anxiety, improve your mental game, and find inner calm during midterms and exams.  This workshop will also address additional stresses caused by remote exam writing.




Skill Building Modules for Anxiety

This workshop will return for the Fall 2020 semester.  The four topics will rotate weekly, and registration is not required.  You can attend any or all of the modules in any order you want:

Anxiety: What is It, and How Does it Affect You?
Do you ever think you have more anxiety than other people?  Find out why and learn skills to fight anxiety over the long-term.

Calming and Coping Skills
As if it’s that easy to just relax!  Learn what to do and when to try relaxation strategies to help make you feel less stress and tension in your daily life.

Facing Your Anxiety Fears
Learn to avoid avoidance: how our behaviours can make anxiety worse and the surprising way to get it to leave you alone

Managing Your Anxious Thoughts
Our thoughts matter!  Learn ways your thoughts can change how you feel and influence what you do.  Turn thought into your allies instead of your enemies.