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Lockdown Procedures

For some critical incidents, such as an armed intruder on campus, it may be unsafe to evacuate a room or building immediately and lockdown procedures are initiated.

If an armed intruder is on campus, barricade yourself in a room you feel is safe, take cover out of sight and wait for police to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a critical incident?

A critical incident is the most serious of situations that could occur at Wilfrid Laurier University (e.g. armed intruder, major fire, chemical spill).

What is a lockdown?

A lockdown will be implemented when it is unsafe to evacuate a room or building immediately because you may encounter danger.

When will I know a lockdown is occurring?

You will be notified of a critical incident or the need to implement the lockdown procedure through one of more of the following:

What are the lockdown procedures?

If a lockdown occurs, secure the area by following these steps:

  1. Immediately move to the nearest room you feel is safe with as many people as possible.
  2. Lock and barricade the door.
  3. Turn off the lights or maintain minimal lighting.
  4. Close all windows and blinds.
  5. Lie flat on the floor or take adequate cover out of sight, keep back from windows and doors.
  6. Turn off cell phones unless you need to report injured people.
  7. Stay in the room until police arrive. Remember it may be a number of hours before you can be safely evacuated.

What if someone is injured?

If someone inside the secured area is injured, follow these steps only if it is safe to do so:

  • Call 911 or 519.884.1970 x3333, from a hard-line if possible.
  • Place a sign in an exterior window to identify the location of the injured people.
  • Remain calm and wait to be rescued by police.

What if someone requires rescuing?

If someone outside the secured area needs to be rescued:

  • Consider the risks before unsecuring an area.
  • Do not attempt to rescue people if it cannot be accomplished without further endangering the people inside the secured area.

What do I do if a fire alarm goes off?

Do not respond to a fire alarm during a lockdown as it may be a ploy by the armed intruder.

Whom can I call?

Call 911 or Laurier’s Special Constable Service at 519.885.3333, for all Laurier campuses. Use a hard-line telephone if possible; increased cell phone use can interfere with police equipment.

Tip: Program Laurier’s Special Constable Service number into your cell phone.

What should I report to authorities?

If you are able to contact the authorities, report the following:

  • Your specific location, building name and office/room number.
  • The number of people at your specific location.
  • If any people are injured, how many are injured and the types of injuries.

If you have seen an assailant or threat:

  • The location and number of suspects.
  • Their direction of travel.
  • Their clothing and description.
  • Their identity, if known.
  • Any weapons or accessories (e.g. backpack).
  • Any unusual or identifiable threatening sounds (e.g. gunfire, explosions).