Krista Hunter

Carrier Marketing Coordinator (Business Administration, BBA)

Krista Hunter, Research in Motion

Upon receiving a BBA in 2002, Krista Hunter was very interested in pursuing a career in marketing, advertising or event planning. For many new business grads, these careers are only understood at a theoretical and conceptual level. It wasn’t until Krista landed her first job in the “real world” that she learned first-hand about the intricacies, tasks, challenges and rewards associated with these careers. After graduation, Krista landed a job at a small advertising agency where she gained direct exposure to B2B marketing, specifically with a focus on the technology sector. After taking an eight month hiatus from this role to enjoy some world travelling, she capitalized on her exposure and knowledge of the tech sector to help secure a position as a Carrier Marketing Manager at Research in Motion, working on the TELUS account.

Within this role, Krista has had the opportunity to touch on event planning where she coordinates product launches and customer VIP events, all within a dynamic, collaborative team environment. As a manager, Krista is responsible for all marketing activities related to the TELUS account including relationship-management with TELUS sales channels, conducting training for retail, small business and enterprise sales representatives and strategic planning.

For Krista, some pivotal career realizations were made through participation in a volunteer organization called Children’s International Summer Villages (CISV) where she participated in an international experience as well as several years of counselling at a residential summer camp. These experiences reinforced for Krista that she particularly enjoyed planning, developing and promoting activities.

Krista believes that marketing is a very exciting career choice given that there are endless types of marketing positions and the field offers the ability to work in a variety of industries. In her current role, she enjoys the fact that every day is different as she liaises with both carriers and internal groups at RIM. Krista loves the level of responsibility, accountability and flexibility afforded to her and describes the job as being akin to “running her own little business within a larger company”. Krista’s career passion and fulfilment is easy to detect given how excitedly she describes her work and the people she gets to interact with on a daily basis.

One of the most significant challenges in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment is maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A fair amount of travel is required and long hours are put in to complete projects and tasks on target.