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Career Resources for Students with Disabilities

In addition to the jobs listed for Laurier students and alumni in Navigator, the following websites may be of use in conducting your job search:

Job Search Resources

Career Edge: Geared for qualified, new graduates with disabilities, offering four to 12 month internships in a variety of fields.

Disabilities Mentoring Day: This program offers an opportunity to job shadow with a local employer in your field of interest.

Federal Student Work Experience Program: A federal program that recruits students following Employment Equity guidelines.

Lime Connect: Open to students and alumni with any disability for scholarships, co-ops/internships and full time opportunities with Lime’s corporate partners; includes professional development webinars and more.

Link Up: Provides employment services to individuals with disabilities.

Workink: Canada’s largest virtual employment resource centre for job seekers with disabilities.

Additional Job Search Websites

Workplace Accommodation and Accessibility Resources

Canadian Abilities Foundation: Includes link to Abilities magazine and information related to education and employment issues.

Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work: Provides up-to-date information and relevant articles in the disability field and the Job Accommodation Service (JAS) is a Canadian fee-based consulting service developed for employers to assist with accommodation.

JAN Network: A free consulting service that provides information about accommodations (note that legislation will differ as the site is based in the U.S.).

Mental Health Works: Provides resources for managing mental health issues in the workplace.

National Educational Association of Disabled Students: NEADS is a consumer organization with a mandate to encourage the self-empowerment of postsecondary students with disabilities.

Community and Government Resources

Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

Professional Associations

Canadian Association of Professionals with Disabilities: A federally incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to maximizing the inclusion, job retention and advancement of current and future professionals with disabilities.