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Career Planning and Job Search

Some people believe finding a career is a result of logical planning, while others believe a successful career transpires from being in the right place at the right time. In fact, it is both. A rewarding career is found through a combination of embracing opportunities that arise and careful planning. Taking the time to both reflect and act on where you want to go personally and professionally will aid you in being more aware of your potential career options, resulting in a more informed choice following graduation.

The Career Planning Process

Successful career development is a life-long process. The first step in successful career development is effective career planning.

At the Career Centre we believe that the major you choose or the career you seek should represent positive steps in your path to a rewarding future. When you understand yourself and are informed about your options, you will have the tools to make choices which will enable you to be successful in whichever career direction you aspire.

Career planning is an ongoing process including self-awareness, career awareness, career immersion, goal setting and employment preparation. Book an appointment at the Career Centre to learn more.


If you are uncertain about your career path or have not had the opportunity to gain paid experience in your chosen career field, volunteering can be a tremendous source of information and experience!