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Job Postings

The Career Centre posts over 5,000 job postings for Laurier students and alumni each year.

You can search for these job postings in Navigator, the Career Centre’s online portal, by logging in with your student ID and LORIS password. If your LORIS password is longer than eight digits, please use only the first eight. If you have difficulties logging in, contact the Career Centre at 519.884.0710 x4321. Registered first-year students are able to access Navigator in August before the start of classes.

Career Centre Disclaimer: Student Responsibility

Laurier’s Career Development Centre provides employer recruitment services that align with national career centre practices guided by the Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers (CACEE). Through these practices, organizations who are legally permitted to operate in Canada and comply with federal and provincial employment legislation, may participate in recruitment programs at Laurier including full-time, contract, part-time, summer and internship job postings, interview arrangements, recruitment sessions, career/job fairs and other departmental programs.

The Career Centre does not assume responsibility for screening employer organizations nor does it endorse employment opportunities, labour practices, products or services of these organizations. It is your responsibility as a job seeker to adequately research organizations and to verify terms and conditions of employment that may be important in making employment decisions.

It is not the role of the Career Centre to monitor operational practices of employer organizations. However, you are encouraged to consult with Lisa Favero, manager, employer relations and recruitment at the Career Centre regarding any concerns you may have with an organization.

Job Opportunities

Graduating Students in Their Final Year of Study at Laurier

The Career Development Centre offers the Graduating Student Employment Service (GSES). GSES attracts top employers in diverse sectors who are recruiting final-year students for positions available upon graduation.

GSES launches every September and continues through to the following June. Employers begin posting jobs early in September for positions that start the following year. Employers begin recruiting during the first week of classes in September.

Do I need to register for the GSES program?

No, students in their final year of study are automatically registered in the GSES program by late August. You will know that you have been successfully registered because you will see a new position type search option in Navigator called "Graduating Student Employment." You will also start to receive the GSES newsletter by email early in September. Contact the Career Centre if you are concerned that you have not been registered properly.

How do I make the most of GSES?

  • Attend a Graduating Student Employment Service Orientation Session. Be prepared to take full advantage of this program. Sessions are held each September. Register in the events calendar in Navigator.
  • Attend employer recruiting sessions held prior to their job application deadlines, as employers view these networking opportunities as part of their hiring process (you will need to register for these sessions in the events calendar in Navigator).
  • Check Navigator frequently for updated recruiting information including job postings, employer recruiting sessions and interview schedules.
  • Attend a Career Planning workshop (if you are uncertain of your career goals or would like to learn how to research careers) and Employment Preparation workshops (to develop resumés, cover letters and electronic applications and to prepare for interviews).
  • Prepare for and attend Career Fair.

Off-Campus Summer or Part-Time Jobs

The Career Centre receives hundreds of postings from off-campus employers each year, recruiting for summer and part-time employment. Summer and part-time opportunities may be viewed online in Navigator.

Summer job postings begin arriving in September and are received on an on-going basis throughout the year (majority of jobs are posted from December to April). We receive a diverse range of opportunities in various geographic locations.

Part-time job postings are received on an on-going basis throughout the year.

Summer employer recruiting information sessions are a valuable chance to learn from and connect with employers in person prior to their job application deadlines.

On-Campus (Part-Time or Summer) Job

See our "Jobs on Campus" webpage. for information about the Laurier Work Study Program, the International Student Work Experience Program, and other on-campus job opportunities.

Laurier Alumnus/a Looking for Immediate Full-Time Work

The Alumni Employment Service is a free job notification service offered by the Career Centre to meet the customized job search needs of Laurier alumni. Positions posted through this service have immediate availability.

How does the Alumni Employment Service (AES) operate?

Employers seeking to promote positions to Laurier alumni contact the Career Centre on a daily basis. Positions range from entry-level to senior level opportunities. Alumni registered with the service receive a job alert via email of the positions that meet their job search criteria. On occasion, job notices will be specifically directed to AES registrants at the employer’s request. Feel free to review and/or edit your job search criteria throughout your registration period to receive applicable job notices.

Who is eligible?

Laurier alumni from all disciplines are welcome to register.

What types of jobs are posted?

Positions are received from employers within various industries, from non-profit to small/medium businesses and multi-nationals primarily seeking to fill roles located in Ontario; however, some locations across Canada are available as well.

Registration in this program is a great supplement to your job search. Log in to Navigator, click on "Alumni Employment Service" and complete the online registration form.

Need more information, contact Connie Koebel at at 519.884.0710 x4478.