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It All Adds Up Campaign 2017

Reduce your stress. Inform your future.

Have you ever thought:

  • "I feel like I'm constantly rushing but I'm never sure I'm doing enough."
  • "I'm afraid if I don't get involved in enough extra-curriculars that I won't get a good job or get into grad school."
  • "I'd like to try some different things...but I'm not sure what to let go of or how to choose what's 'best'."
  • "I sometimes feel overwhelmed by trying to be super engaged."

How about stopping for a moment to recognize and celebrate how It All Adds Up? 

  • Make informed decisions about how best to spend your time (which will look different for everyone)
  • Develop confidence, knowing that if you are engaged in interesting things, you are developing skills, knowledge, networks, etc. that will “add up”.

The Career Centre at Laurier is here to help you figure out how it all adds up for you. It All Adds Up is a career wellness campaign taking place at over 40 University and College Career Centres across Canada in November.

Join the campaign now! Post your picture using the hashtag #italladdsup + #laurier on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Open Instagram and take a photo of yourself with you and a few of your “It All Adds Up” activities/characteristics behind you (on a whiteboard, chalkboard etc) using the hashtags #italladdsup and #laurier. Include A FEW THINGS from this list such as:

  • Your program (e.g., 3rd year, Religion & Culture)
  • What you like best about your program (e.g. love learning about _____)
  • Jobs you've held (e.g., Golf Course Attendant)
  • Volunteer roles (e.g., Foot Patrol, Kidsability)
  • Stuff you love doing (e.g., watching movies)
  • Clubs (e.g., Laurier Marketing Association, Harry Potter Alliance)
  • How other people describe your personality/strengths (e.g., smile a lot; creative)
  • Interests/hobbies (e.g., baking cupcakes; knitting)
  • Sports/Music/Arts (e.g., intramural volleyball; watercolours)
  • What you want to be known for (e.g., being a social entrepreneur)
  • Anything else that makes sense for you

Feel free to get creative. A whiteboard works but you could use a chalkboard, chalk on a sidewalk, crayons on paper…or whatever you come up with!

Wondering How It All Adds Up for You?

Find the It All Adds Up booth in the Concourse in Waterloo or the Research and Academic West lobby in Brantford during November 6 - 10.