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Academic Credit

Laurier’s dedication to academic excellence in the area of entrepreneurship and social innovation is demonstrated by the vast array of learning opportunities for Laurier students. By offering the ability to enhance your degree with concentrations or options in entrepreneurship, you're able to gain a solid knowledge base to be successful in your entrepreneurial pursuits through immersive hands-on learning.

Our comprehensive and immersive curriculum will help fuel your entrepreneurial spirit and provide you with a toolkit to be an innovative change-making employee in the workforce, or creative and successful entrepreneur building your own venture, effecting positive change and turning your dreams into reality.

A set of dedicated ENTR courses using leading-edge thinking in the field of entrepreneurship can be taken alongside your degree. These courses are designed to give you a grounding in the fundamentals needed to build a business, the mindset and methodology used by successful entrepreneurs, support to build your capacity for creativity and innovation to develop unique and valuable ideas, and finally, build sustainable business models to bring your ideas to life.

Social Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement Options are available through the Faculty of Arts and open to all Laurier students, regardless of faculty or major. Explore these and other socially innovative opportunities available in your faculty to build the knowledge and skills to effect positive and innovative change in your community and the world.


Through our comprehensive and immersive curriculum, you’ll learn the methodology used by successful entrepreneurs to gain an entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, and a toolkit to bring your ideas to life.