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Co-Curricular Opportunities

Get involved and network with other entrepreneurial thinkers outside of the classroom.

At Laurier, you’ll want to get involved. It’s not just that employers are always impressed by a student who participates in extracurricular activities (though they are). It’s that the activities themselves teach and round you out as a person, while introducing you to peers, professors and community members with similar interests. Beyond resumé building and networking, our clubs are just plain fun. Ask around. You’ll see.

Campus Clubs

Among Laurier's vast array of clubs, a select group focus on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Enactus Laurier

Enactus engages Laurier students in entrepreneurial community-development projects through its programs and competitions.

Startup Laurier

Startup Laurier empowers Laurier students to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

The Social Innovation Project

The Social Innovation Project is for Laurier students interested in solving some of the planet’s toughest challenges.

Technology Management Laurier

Technology Management Laurier strives to bring a new level of quality and excitement for students and empowering them to create an impact using technology.

Entrepreneurship Residence Learning Community

Want to live in residence with other entrepreneurial thinkers? The entrepreneurship Residence Learning Community (RLC) will allow you to network with other students who share your passion for innovating and building ventures.

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