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Co-Curricular Opportunities

Get involved and network with other entrepreneurial thinkers outside of the classroom.

At Laurier, you’ll want to get involved. It’s not just that employers are always impressed by a student who participates in extracurricular activities (though they are). It’s that the activities themselves teach and round you out as a person, while introducing you to peers, professors and community members with similar interests. Beyond resumé building and networking, our clubs are just plain fun. Ask around. You’ll see.

Campus Clubs

Among Laurier's vast array of clubs, a select group focus on entrepreneurship and innovation:

  • Enactus engages Laurier students in entrepreneurial community-development projects through its programs and competitions.
  • Startup Laurier empowers Laurier students to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • The Social Innovation Project is for Laurier students interested in solving some of the planet’s toughest challenges.

Entrepreneurship Residence Learning Community

Want to live in residence with other entrepreneurial thinkers? The entrepreneurship Residence Learning Community (RLC) will allow you to network with other students who share your passion for innovating and building ventures.

Design Jams

Do you have a desire to learn about the world and the challenges we face? A Design Jam is an event that brings together people from diverse backgrounds to dig deep into understanding the wicked problems that have no easy solution.

Bringing community partners, alumni and government together with Laurier faculty, staff and students enhances the level of expertise, diversity and experience at the table. The Schlegel Centre facilitates Design Jams from a human-centred design approach, and equips teams with the tools to exhaust all avenues in understanding the causes, factors and leverage points of a particular problem. A Design Jam takes place over the span of several hours during a one-day session.

If you are interested in participating or having the Schlegel Centre facilitate a Design Jam, contact Jennie McDougall at (Waterloo campus) or Tolulope Ojo at (Brantford campus).

Design Labs

Developing a viable and sustainable solution can be a challenge. Design Labs bring students, faculty, staff and community partners together in the same space to collaborate, co-create and design innovative solutions for addressing issues within the local community.

The Schlegel Centre facilitates Design Labs by engaging with multiple stakeholders, utilizing the principles of human-centred design to develop and test innovative solutions to everyday challenges. Participants meet in teams for a few hours every two to four weeks, over a six month period, and by the end are ready to launch their idea.

If you are interested in participating or having the Schlegel Centre facilitate a Design Lab, contact Jennie McDougall at (Waterloo campus) or Tolulope Ojo at (Brantford campus).

Entrepreneurship Drop-In Program

Are you a Laurier student who is actively working on an entrepreneurship project either as part of a course or outside the classroom? Come out to our weekly entrepreneurial drop-in program to work in a collaborative space, with like-minded individuals to develop your idea. Schlegel staff are on-hand to assist you in co-creating solutions to the challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur.

These weekly sessions are four to six hours in length and provide students with the space and network to spark, prototype, and validate their entrepreneurial ideas to build their new venture successfully.

For more information on our Entrepreneurship Drop-in Program, contact Jennie McDougall at

Innovation Squad

The Schlegel Centre is home to a multi-disciplinary group of students, the Innovation Squad, who conduct a series of student-centred initiatives and activities across Laurier's campuses.

The Innovation Squad works on finding new ways to engage students in creative and unconventional ways, and gain valuable student perspectives around entrepreneurship and social innovation. Their activities inform new ideas for programming and initiatives the Schlegel Centre can develop.

Interested in joining our squad? Email (Waterloo campus) or contact Tolulope Ojo at (Brantford campus).

Challenge Competitions

Challenge competitions are a tool used by governments, non-profits and businesses to inspire individuals and teams to tackle social challenges. The Schlegel Centre is working with local and provincial partners to design challenge competitions for the Laurier community, alongside Canadian and global challenge competitions.

IDEO Amplify

IDEO Amplify is hosting a series of 10 design and innovation challenges sponsored by the U.K. Department for International Development to improve the lives of the billion people living in extreme poverty around the world, and they want your help.


OpenIDEO is a platform for open innovation, to develop and source the best solutions from around the world from thousands of designers, social innovators and social sector professionals working collaboratively. Selected teams receive seed funding and design support to bring their ideas to life in the real world.

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