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Science Maker Lab

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It!

The Science Maker Lab, located in the Science Research Centre on the Waterloo campus (SR314), is a space where Laurier students and LaunchPad teams can go to make and/or test tangible prototypes for their business ideas. While it is a Faculty of Science initiative staffed by Science personnel, this extracurricular (not for credit) laboratory is open to the entire Laurier student body who fit the eligibility requirements.

The lab is equipped with basic workshop tools that can be used to create a huge array of physical prototypes quickly. There is also a growing array of more specialized equipment in the lab, ranging from a 3D printer to a laser cutter. We also have state-of-the-art computer equipment and software.

If you need equipment that is more specialized than what we have in the lab, you can apply for access to Faculty of Science equipment. If necessary, our mentors and staff can also help you tender work to be done by outside companies.

So… what do you want to create in the Laurier Science Maker Lab?

Support for Science Maker Lab Groups


The Science Maker Lab can pair you up with mentors who have experience in your field of interest.

Academic Support

Science Maker Lab groups are supported by programming available through the Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, as well as new and emerging programs such as Game Design and Development and User Experience Design at Laurier’s Brantford campus. These programs and courses could help your group in a variety of areas such as developing a business model to bring your idea to reality as a financially sustainable business.


As this program continues to grow, a system will be set up where Science Maker Lab groups seeking to fill gaps in their group's skill set will be able to find students with those skills who are looking to get involved with a Science Maker Lab project.

Past and Current Projects

  • EP Labs: Bacteriological plastics.
  • IKEA Sustainability Challenge Team: Furniture from recycled materials.
  • Virion Games: App-based education games for middle-school-aged students.
  • Artztech: More comfortable and capable computer interfaces.
  • Inksmith: Several projects in the 3D printing space.
  • Event Lab: Experiential carbon dioxide project.
  • Netwrist: Wearable tech networking devices.
  • Full Circle Technologies: Better bicycle seats.
  • Jess and Mel: Fusion between two forms of visual art.
  • Sincerely Muse: Custom, brand-building thank-you cards and associated items.
  • Company to be Named: Water damage prevention.
  • Enactus Laurier: Pollination ‘hotels.’

The Science Maker Lab would like to thank the Wilfrid Laurier University Student Life Levy for bringing this service to Laurier students.