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SIVC is for anyone who wants to make a difference; anyone who wants to help make the world a better place. You might want to help a non-profit organization run more efficiently, drive innovation from within a large organization, start a business with a "triple bottom line," or advocate for change. Whatever your passion, if you want to use innovation and energy to help solve the world’s complex or "wicked" social challenges, then SIVC is for you.

Social Innovation Zones

We are working to develop three physical spaces for students, staff and faculty who share your passion for innovation and social change. Social Innovation Zones will incorporate both a "maker space" for active collaboration and focused social innovation and social entrepreneurship project work as well as an ideation space for interdisciplinary group interactions, workshops, labs, and idea development. Our Waterloo campus Purpose Lab, developed with the generous support of the Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association, is open and available for student, staff, and faculty use.

The Purpose Lab

The Purpose Lab exists as the epicenter of student driven social innovation on Laurier’s Waterloo campus. The world’s most complex issues require interdisciplinary collaboration. The Purpose Lab is where students from all faculties and years can come to collaborate and ideate their passions and interests. Laurier’s mission is to inspire lives of leadership and purpose; the Purpose Lab and SIVC is bringing that mission to life. The Purpose Lab was made possible from generous donations from both the Wilfrid Laurier University Alumni Association and the Student Life Levy Fund.

Speakers and Workshops

Get inspired and learn new skills at one of SIVC’s speaker or workshop events. We are committed to hosting two major speakers and four workshops for the Laurier community each year.

Challenges (Win Prizes!)

Challenge competitions are a tool used by governments, non-profits and businesses to inspire individuals and teams to tackle social challenges. SIVC is working with local and provincial partners to design challenge competitions for the Laurier community. Canadian and global challenges will also be listed here.

IDEO Amplify

IDEO is hosting a series of 10 design and innovation challenges sponsored by the U.K. Department for International Development to improve the lives of the billion people living in extreme poverty around the world, and they want your help.


OpenIDEO is a platform for open innovation, to develop and source the best solutions from around the world from thousands of designers, social innovators and social sector professionals working collaboratively. Selected teams receive seed funding and design support to bring their ideas to life in the real world.

Funding Support

SIVC may be able to provide some funding support for Laurier students, faculty and staff. Up to $500 is available to support Laurier students to attend conferences, workshops and/or other learning opportunities.

Funding is also available to assist Laurier students, faculty and staff with social innovation and social entrepreneurship projects such as events, speaker series or student-focused activities. Up to $1,000 is available for Laurier students.

As part of the funding request forms, you will be asked to identify other sources of funding that have been pursued. Some sources of travel and project funding at Laurier include:

  • Student clubs and faculty associations (e.g. Undergraduate Arts Council, School of Business and Economics Student Society, etc)
  • Student Horizon Fund
  • Graduate Student Association Professional Development Fund
  • Special Initiatives Fund
  • President’s Innovation Seed Fund