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Social Innovation and Venture Creation (SIVC)

Launched in 2015, Social Innovation and Venture Creation (SIVC), part of the Schlegel Centre, is closely aligned with Laurier’s mission of inspiring lives of leadership and purpose. SIVC builds on the Social Entrepreneurship Option and several student clubs and groups that formed around the vision and goal of influencing positive social change.

All across our campuses, exciting and meaningful projects are occurring through the energy and vision of inspired faculty, staff, students, and community partners. SIVC facilitates and supports social ventures designed to address a complex social issue with sustainable, collaborative and impactful strategies and approaches. This work may include:

  • The creation of a social enterprise (for-profit, non-profit, co-op or other business model);
  • A social innovation (technology, process, service, or concept);
  • Intrapreneurship (working from within an established framework to reconceive of and improve the outcomes and social benefits); or
  • Other approaches to sustainably improve or transform our social sphere for the better (e.g. advocacy, activism, policy work, knowledge sharing, etc.).

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship can take many forms. You may choose the route of a traditional entrepreneur: starting a business that creates or delivers a product or service that addresses a social challenge or contributes to a social good. But there are also many other options. Paul Light (Driving Social Change, 2011; available in the Laurier bookstore) suggests social change involves social innovation, social safekeeping, social exploring and social advocacy.

The SIVC initiative is generously supported by the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation through their RECODE initiative.