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Social Entrepreneurship

Social innovation and social entrepreneurship can take many forms. You may choose the route of a traditional entrepreneur: starting a business that creates or delivers a product, good or service that addresses a social challenge or contributes to a social good - but there are also many other options.

Laurier is an institution that supports social ventures designed to address complex social issues with sustainable, collaborative and impactful strategies and approaches. All across our campuses, exciting and meaningful projects are occurring through the energy and vision of inspired faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners.

Schlegel Centre

The Schlegel Centre for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation is inspired by the vital role entrepreneurs play in the Canadian economy. Dedicated to enhancing experiential and co-curricular learning in entrepreneurship, the Schelgel Centre is actively building and supporting entrepreneurship and social innovation in the Laurier community.

Drop-In Sessions

Not sure if entrepreneurship is right for you?

Join us for our Friday morning drop-in sessions at the Schlegel Centre and learn about how you can play a role in Laurier's entrepreneurial community.

Laurier’s institutional motto of "Inspiring Lives of Leadership and Purpose" is alive and well in the Schlegel Centre through an array of entrepreneurship experiences for Laurier students. These include a range of courses, active student clubs, high-impact co-curricular programs, as well as access to Laurier’s large network of alumni entrepreneurs.

Change Team

A core team of Laurier students, faculty and staff who are actively engaged in social innovation and social entrepreneurship work to facilitate and guide social innovation and social entrepreneurship across our campuses and with our community partners. The Change Team meets monthly to report on activities, share resources and work together to champion change across Laurier.

Faculty Fellows

  • Faculty of Arts: Gavin Brockett
  • Faculty of Education: Steve Sider
  • Faculty of Liberal Arts: Rob Feagan
  • Faculty of Music: Lee Willingham
  • Faculty of Science: Manuel Reimer
  • Faculty of Social Work:  Bree Akesson
  • Lazaridis School of Business and Economics: Barry Colbert