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Validators are the people responsible for approving or declining students’ requests for a co-curricular experience to be added to their Laurier Experience Record. This individual is usually the student staff, staff or faculty member who oversees, co-ordinates or facilitates a particular activity (group, club, event, etc.) and can verify the authenticity of a student request.

Your Job as Validator

  • Make sure your club/activity members are aware they must add their co-curricular experiences for the whole academic year to their record by mid April.
  • Campus club presidents must provide membership lists to the Students’ Union VP: Clubs and Associations validator.
  • Validators must compare the member list to the pending validations for each position and accept or decline the requests.
  • Finish validations for all activities by early May.

How to Validate a Co-Curricular Experience

  1. Log in to Navigator with your provided credentials.
  2. Click Co-Curricular Experiences from the Dashboard.
  3. A list of all the pending Validations will appear.
  4. Select all the students that should be approved and click 'Approve'.
  5. Decline any remaining student requests.
    • Requests that are left pending will be declined when we convert to the next year.

For assistance, please contact

How to Validate a Certificate/Workshop Program

  1. Send participation list to
    • Include the student's name / email and student ID.
  2. Programs can be tracked by providing participant lists for each individual workshop or you can simply submit the list of students who complete the entire program.