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Leadership Ambassadors

The Leadership Ambassador Team is guided by the philosophy that leadership is about action, not positions, and that all students have the capacity to make meaningful contributions during their university careers and beyond.

The leadership ambassadors run workshops for student groups and for the Student Leadership Program, as well as helping guide capstone projects for students who have completed the Student Leadership Program. We also hold office hours to provide students with information about the Co-Curricular Record and resources to support leadership education, training and development.

Workshops for Student Groups

The leadership ambassador teams on the Waterloo and Brantford campuses provide workshops to assist student groups with leadership training and development. We can help build capacity in areas such as:

  • communication
  • team building
  • legacy planning
  • facilitation skills
  • conflict mediation
  • appreciating diversity
  • clarifying personal values
  • collaboration
  • enhancing personal awareness
  • intellectual growth
  • intentional learning
  • leadership development
  • meaningful interpersonal relationships
Students doing team building activity with ropes and low beams

"The session was amazing. My team had so much fun doing all the activities and it definitely brought them all much closer together. Thank you so much for helping to make this happen. I have always wanted to do a team building activity with the Leadership Ambassadors and I am so glad that we did. Thanks again."

Kelly, Human Resources Coordinator

Team Building Adventures

Spider’s Web? Conundrum Crossing? Railroad Shuffle? Electric Maze?

The leadership ambassadors offer Laurier students the opportunity to develop their teams through exciting activities using wooden beams, low ropes and other equipment.

Contact us to have leadership ambassadors facilitate a workshop guaranteed to be full of interaction, team development, experiential learning, and fun!

All workshops will be facilitated in the Bricker Residence Main Lounge and require at least two weeks’ notice for bookings and workshop preparations to be made.

There is a small fee of $5 per participant in order to maintain the equipment and workshop supplies. This fee applies if the low elements and ropes equipment is used within the Bricker Main Lounge. All participants will have to complete a Consent Form, which will need to be submitted before the workshop.

Customized Workshops

The Leadership Ambassador Team also provides customized leadership training workshops for student groups. Customized workshops are an excellent way to enhance the experience of your group, provide more learning opportunities, and target areas of improvement.

To request a workshop, email at least two weeks prior to the requested workshop date.

Customized Workshops

Our leadership ambassadors provide customized workshops for student groups (teams, classes, clubs, committees, etc.) that are looking to improve skills on a team or individual basis.

We use a huge variety of fun equipment, such as low ropes, land skis and helium poles, to facilitate leadership training in the areas most relevant for your group.

Workshops can be held in the space you prefer – or we can book an indoor or outdoor space on campus. There is no cost for eligible groups.

To book a workshop, email at least two weeks before the date you have in mind.

Want to be a Leadership Ambassador?

Leadership ambassadors for the following academic year are recruited in the winter term. More information will be posted at that time. It is an intensive volunteer experience that requires significant training and time commitment. For this reason, it should be your only major extracurricular activity.