Final Deferred Examination Request Form: Faculty of Science

Complete this form to request to defer a final examination for a Faculty of Science course (e.g. AS, BI, CH, CP, DATA, ES, GESC, GG, GL, HE, HN, KP, MA, PC, PS, SC, ST, UU150, WASC). 

Familiarize yourself with the examination deferral process prior to submitting this form. Do not use this form without having carefully reviewed all the information on the page including any additional faculty specific information

Deferral requests based on medical grounds WILL NOT be accepted prior to the scheduled time of the examination, as a student cannot be certain that they will be medically incapacitated at the scheduled time of the examination.  Do NOT proceed to complete this form if your scheduled examination has not yet occurred.

Supporting documents must come from an official source and be specific to the date of the missed examination. Familiarize yourself with the required documentation for your stated reason. If you have never previously been granted a deferred final examination (from any Faculty), supporting documentation is optional.

The deferral decision will be conveyed to you through your email address only.  Check your email account regularly for deferral related correspondence.

If you have any questions, contact