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Summer Exchanges

If you're interested in a shorter study abroad opportunity, consider going abroad during the summer. 

Study at any of Laurier's partner institutions that offer summer programs, where you can earn credits towards your Laurier degree while still paying your Laurier tuition. A summer opportunity: 

  • Can be from one to eight weeks long. 
  • Allows you to earn the equivalent of 0.5 to 1.0 credits towards your Laurier degree. 

The summer opportunities available to you include: 

Summer Exchange Program

The summer exchange program is like our exchange program, except you'll be going abroad for a shorter period (one to eight weeks). 

Applications have closed as of February 1, 2024 to go abroad in summer 2024 and as of March 1 for virtual exchange. Detalis for summer 2025 will begin to be posted in December.

Before you apply for summer exchange, you must watch a recorded summer exchanges information session.

Summer Cultural Excursions

Make the most of your summer and develop international experience and skills. With summer cultural excursion opportunities, you pay tuition directly to the host institution and with certain programs, you may even earn Laurier credits. 

Our summer cultural excursion program is currently on pause, but check back for future opportunities.