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ASPIRE Professional Development Certificate

The ASPIRE Professional Development Certificate provides with you the skills, knowledge, and resources to succeed in your academic journey and beyond. It provides with you the flexibility to attend workshops based on your individual goals and needs.

You can select from a variety of workshops offerings that span across five different program pillars including: Career Development, Professionalization and Communication, Teaching Development, Research, and Wellness.

This certificate is for students in Masters, PhD, and Graduate Diploma programs, as well as postdoctoral fellows.

Learning Outcomes for the ASPIRE Certificate

By completing the ASPIRE Professional Development Certificate, you will have:

  • Acquired skills, tools and techniques to enhance your personal, professional or scholarly goals.
  • Developed self-knowledge about one’s professional, personal or scholarly purpose.

How to Earn the ASPIRE Certificate

To earn the ASPIRE Professional Development Certificate:

  1. Complete five workshops in at least two of the ASPIRE pillars
  2. Complete a brief reflection questionnaire in Navigator to reflect on two to three key learnings from the ASPIRE workshops.
  3. Save a PDF or print a copy of your certificate, which will be available after your questionnaire is approved.

Any asynchronous ASPIRE workshops that are run through MyLearningSpace or Navigator count towards the ASPIRE Professional Development Certificate. However, individual sessions and appointments, as well as recordings are not tracked towards the completion of the ASPIRE certificate.

If you completed the requirements for the certificate prior to May 8, 2023, you can count these workshops towards the completion of the ASPIRE Certificate. Complete the ASPIRE Retroactive Request Form to have your attendance validated and to note your ASPIRE certificate progress in Navigator.

Document Your Experience

The ASPIRE certificate is part of your Laurier Experience Record and you can track your progress in the certificate through Navigator.

After each workshop is offered, your attendance is added to Navigator – no action is required on your part. Workshop attendance can take up to a month to be reflected in Navigator.

You can also sync your Laurier Experience Record to your LinkedIn profile in the Licenses and Certifications section.

If you’ve completed some ASPIRE workshops as part of your academic program, you can use these workshops to count towards the completion of the ASPIRE Certificate.