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Course Grade Appeals

You must refer to the graduate academic calendar grade appeals process. If you have exhausted all possibilities under that section, an appeal may be submitted to the Graduate Students Appeals Committee (GSAC).

Under the calendar provisions, each department, faculty or school may have individualized processes for formal grade reassessment, but the process typically involves having at least one other instructor who has taught the course in question or who is familiar with the content of the course reassess an unmarked copy of the assignment(s), examination(s), or other course requirement(s) in question.


In order to ensure fairness, each program is required to establish program guidelines for grade re-assessment. These guidelines must indicate the steps for reassessment at the program level that are undertaken in any case of requests from graduate students. While individual instructors in programs reserve the ability to determine which opportunities within the program-wide grade reassessment process will be applied (e.g. opportunity or not to rewrite a paper and/or a final exam), it is understood that you may submit to GSAC a petition contesting this reassessment process.

GSAC will hear the case only where the departmental level reassessment process has already been undertaken and concluded.

Supporting Documentation Required

This type of appeal will require the following supporting documents (as applicable):

  • Fully completed GSAC petition form with all signatures.
  • A timeline of events.
  • Course syllabus (for each course in question).
  • MyLS summary of grades.
  • Relevant email communication with course instructor/supervisor/graduate coordinator.
  • Copy of Calendar or program webpage information on the departmental grade reassessment process.
  • Copy of decision at the conclusion of the departmental grade reassessment.
  • Field placement details as relevant.
  • Evaluation feedback.
  • Official letter with academic decision (probation/requirement to withdraw, etc.).
  • A fully completed copy of the most recent Annual Progress Report, including all signatures.
  • Medical documentation.
  • Travel documents which confirm dates related to the appeal (private details redacted).
  • Summary of Supports letter from the Accessible Learning Centre, if applicable.
  • If the appeal is granted, a plan detailing what supports will be accessed to ensure success.
  • A timeline to completion of the work in question.
  • Other, as applicable and relevant to the circumstances..