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Congratulations, you've almost completed your graduate degree at Laurier!

Convocation ceremonies take place in June (spring ceremonies) and October (fall ceremonies). Additional information on our convocation ceremonies including our guide to graduation can be found in the convocation section.

Use this guide to learn more about this last step in your academic career and how to prepare for graduation and convocation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I apply to graduate before I have finished my degree? 

Yes; if you are nearing the end of your degree requirements, you should apply to graduate (on LORIS) before August 1 to avoid the late application fee; late application fee applies to all applications submitted between August 2-15, 2024.  No applications to graduate in Fall 2024 will be accepted after August 15. 

What happens if I apply to graduate, but I don’t complete all the requirements by the deadline? 

See academic dates in the graduate calendar. Your graduation application will be postponed until the next convocation cycle (Spring 2025). You do not need to re-apply to graduate in the next cycle, but you will be contacted by the Registrar’s Office to confirm whether you would like to re-activate your application for the next cycle. 

I’m not interested in being considered for the medal competition, so what is the latest that I can finish all degree requirements (including any approved extension to complete coursework) and still graduate this spring? 

All degree requirements must be completed (including receipt in the FGPS of post-defense paperwork and to your professor, any remaining coursework for which you have an approved extension) by September 3, 2024.  

How do I apply to graduate? 

You apply to graduate on LORIS. 

I have applied to graduate but need to request an extension to complete coursework. How do I do that? 

Complete a Request for a Religious Accommodation or Extension to Complete Coursework form.

I am graduating this spring and took a course at another university; will my grade arrive in time to meet Laurier’s deadline? 

We are not able to guarantee receipt of grades expected from other institutions. You are encouraged to connect with your instructor(s) at your host institution to advise them that you are expecting to graduate, pending successful completion of the course(s). You may also need to arrange for the submission to the FGPS of an official transcript (joint program students exempted). 

I want to be considered for the medal competition – what do I need to do? 

Only students who have met all the degree requirements by August 30, 2024 are eligible for consideration. It is the responsibility of your graduate program coordinator or your advisor to nominate you, and to complete the nomination package. If nominated, you will be notified of the decision of the selection committee in advance of convocation.