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If you require access to academic accommodations for disability reasons, we invite you to begin the process of applying to register with the Accessible Learning Centre (ALC).

Application Deadline

The ALC is currently processing new student applications for the Fall 2021 academic term. Once we have completed our initial review of your application we will contact you with next steps. If you qualify for our services you will be offered an invitation to meet with an accommodation consultant.

The deadline for registration for the Fall 2021 term is November 12, 2021. Students need to submit a complete application by this date to be considered for Fall 2021 accommodations. 

Registration Details

To access accommodations through the ALC, students are asked to: 

  • Step One: Submit a completed online application form, including supporting documentation from your regulated health service provider. The form can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • Step Two: Check your email regularly for information regarding the status of your application and next steps. Note, ALC will take up to 15 business days to respond to your application.  

We encourage students to apply for registration with the ALC at any time during their studies. In order to be considered for services for a given term the ALC strongly encourages applications be submitted prior to the start of term or as early in the term as possible. Once an application and supporting documentation is received, ALC requires up to 15 business days to review and process your materials. All students will receive an update regarding the status of their application after it has been reviewed. 

  • Step Three: If the student is eligible for registration with the ALC, they will be contacted to arrange an intake appointment. 

During the intake appointment, students will meet with an Accommodation Consultant to review their supporting documentation, and to assess the impact of disability-based limitations in the academic environment. This information will be used to determine accommodation eligibility, and the consultant will work with the student to develop an accommodation support plan based off this assessment. 

Registration Process

Graduate Programs with Practicum Component

If you are in a graduate program with a practicum component, we urge you to discuss your accommodation needs and the essential requirements of the practicum with both the practicum coordinator and accommodation consultant as early as possible upon your acceptance to your program.

GOAL: Golden Hawk's Orientation to Accessible Learning

After completing their intake appointment with their Accommodation Consultant, students will receive access to GOAL - our online ALC orientation module. GOAL is housed within MyLearningSpace, and contains information and programming to help orient you to ALC processes and procedures. It also contains information specific to both graduate and incoming first-year students. You can find out more about GOAL here.