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Reading with Technology

Reading comfortably and efficiently is important. A consultation with the assistive technologist can help you determine effective options for reading. Bring a course outline so we can understand the formats you have available to read. Examples of formats include: PDF files, hardcopy text, publisher e-books on a website, etc.

Some materials may require you to request an alternate format (also called e-text) from the publisher.

Reading Online Material

If you are using software such as Jaws, Voiceover or Kurzweil to read online material out loud, talk with your consultant as soon as possible about online material. We may need to test your reading software with online material to ensure we have the most effective reading arrangement.

About Kurzweil

We have a university-wide license available for Kurzweil 3000 reading software. Our Kurzweil web license can be used on most tablets and mobile devices, for PC, Android and Mac. It is also available on all public lab computers.

There are three Kurzweil apps all requiring a web login: a desktop app; a read the web toolbar; and a web app for mobile access.

You can download the full program or read the web toolbar, or use any of the public, library or Accessible Learning Centre computers to log into the Kurzweil web app.

Create an Account

You must create a username and password to log into Kurzweil. You can create an account with your Laurier email credentials. The account is valid as long as you are at Laurier.

Web App and Toolbar

Full Desktop Program

The Kurzweil full desktop program requires a full OS found on a laptop or desktop. Features of the full desktop program include:

  • Word look-up for spelling and synonyms;
  • MP3 creation;
  • Annotate and extract notes from text;
  • Scan hardcopy text to read out loud; and
  • Offline use for a limited time.

When selecting the download for the full desktop program, choose "web license."