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Writing with Technology

Note Taking

Some considerations for choosing note-taking assistive technology include:

  • What kind of information are you collecting (e.g. diagrams, formulas or plain text)?
  • Do you need tools to organize and summarize notes?
  • What specific devices do you use to take notes (e.g. cell phone, laptop, Braille note-taker or tablet)?

Note-taking assistive technology can include:

  • Specialized stylus or recording pen with a tablet or paper.
  • Audio/video recording equipment such as mics or recorders with advanced features.
  • Software to organize and sync notes.

Essays and Assignments

The Accessible Learning Centre has a variety of assistive technology tools that can assist with writing essays and assignments.

Note-taking tools can help you:

  • Collect and organize research;
  • Brainstorm: organize ideas and track them;
  • Compose, edit or proofread by voice;
  • Find the right words to use; and
  • Create visual, tactile or other types of outlines.