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Writing Resources

Writing Handouts

We have developed a number of writing resources to help you with your writing. Many of these resources are available in handouts, which can be downloaded from this webpage. 

MyLearningSpace Modules

Students can self-register for modules on MyLearningSpace to learn more about writing with inclusive language and to access guides for citations and references.  

To access, sign into MyLearningSpace, click on the Self Registration link in the tool bar and scroll down to the Writing Services modules at the bottom of the list. If you’re already enrolled in the module, the links will appear black.  

Writing with Inclusive Language

By the end of this interactive module, students will be able to identify inclusive and antiracist terms in the texts they are studying, writing and citing; identify the appropriate language for a given writing situation; and compose texts that integrate inclusive language.

How to Cite

By the end of these interactive modules, students will be able to explain why citations are used in their respective professional research community, create a correct in-text citation and build a comprehensive reference list.

  • Writing Services – How to Cite Using APA
  • Writing Services - How to Cite Using the Chicago Manual of Style
  • Writing Services - How to Cite Using MLA

The Assignment Planner

The assignment planner helps you navigate through the various stages of the research and writing process.

Other Online Writing Resources

There are also a lot of great academic writing resources on the web. Here are a few that we like: