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Writing Resources

Writing Centre Handouts

We have developed a number of writing resources to help you with your writing. Much of the information is available as handouts, which can be downloaded or, in many cases, picked up in person at the Writing Centre in Waterloo or Writing and Study Skills Services in Brantford.

Resources developed by the Waterloo Writing Centre are marked with a (W); those developed by Brantford's Writing and Study Skills Services are marked with a (B). In some cases, the resources developed for one campus correspond better with the programs and expectations there.

The Assignment Planner

The assignment planner helps you navigate through the various stages of the research and writing process.

See a review of the assignment planner by student Writing Tutor Samantha Schott.

VocApp: Word of the Day

Are you looking for ways to improve your vocabulary? The VocApp presents a “Word of the Day” so you can learn about the origin, pronunciation, and definition of the word, and see how it’s used in a sentence.

You can download our VocApp on Google Play or iTunes on your Android and Apple devices. It’s free!

The VocApp was a collaborative project involving the Writing Centre, PhD Candidate Haydn Lawrence, and Educational Developer Nadine LeGros of the Intercultural Development Office.

The Spanish VocApp

The Spanish VocApp provides users with a “Word of the Day” just as in the English version. Users can learn a word and its meaning as well as see the word used in a sentence.

The Spanish VocApp is available on Android and Apple devices and can be downloaded via iTunes.

The Spanish VocApp was a collaborative project involving the Writing Centre, Spanish Professor Maria Eugenia de Luna Villalon, and PhD Candidate Haydn Lawrence.

Other Online Writing Resources

There are also a lot of great academic writing resources on the web. Here are a few that we like: