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Course information 2022-2023

First-Year Student Course Selection

Students must complete SY101 in their first year, and usually take SY103 as well. You may defer SY103  until the fall term of your second year, however. Your other first-year courses will be drawn from other departments and courses across the university, and we recommend that you take a wide range of courses from different disciplines.  The maximum number of credits you may take at first-year level is 6.

A course you take as part of a second major can count towards your Sociology degree. This is called "double counting" and you may do this with any course that is approved for Sociology. You are advised to check with your other department/program to make sure you have their approval as well.

Note: You only receive credit for the course once, even when it “counts” towards two program’s requirements.

Courses at Other Universities

You can take a course at another university with what is called a “Letter of Permission,” and you must seek permission in advance from the Sociology undergraduate advisor and the Office of Enrolment Services. Courses you take at other universities must not overlap with something you have taken here at Laurier, and there is a minimum acceptable grade to transfer credits to Laurier. The applicable forms and instructions are available from the Office of Enrolment Services.

Undergraduate Course Offerings

The course list can be found in LORIS Browse Classes, and a description of courses can be found in the Sociology area of the undergraduate academic calendar.  Please note: not all courses listed in the calendar are offered each year.


Advising is currently virtual.  Please email for an appointment or further information.

Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Morgan Holmes,

To assist with expediting the meeting, bring a completed progression requirements worksheet for your program to the meeting.