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Applied Social Research Option and Specialization

Applied Social Research Specialization

The Applied Social Research Specialization is for Sociology students only. 

This specialization will appear on your transcript in addition to your honours degree if you take 1.5 upper-level methods Sociology courses. These include:

0.5 credit from: SY 489 or SY 490
1.0 credit from: SY 309*, SY 312, SY314, SY317, SY 452*, SY 489, SY 490   

 *Not all sections of SY 309 or SY 452 apply, check department website

Students must apply for the Specialization through the Faculty of Arts Program Selection Form.

Applied Social Research Option

The Applied Social Research Option provides non-Sociology majors with an opportunity to develop advanced research methods and data analysis skills at a level beyond that currently required in social science disciplines

This option provides you with training in advanced quantitative and qualitative methods and develops skills that you can take into social science related jobs.

We created this option in response to students’ and employers’ demand for courses and programs that culminate in the acquisition of more practical and applied skills prior to graduation.

What is an Option?

An option is an enhanced minor that allows you to incorporate an accompanying area of study with your honours degree program.

How it Works

The Applied Social Research Option consists of 4.0 credits:

  • 2.0 credits from required courses
  • 2.0 credits from elective courses
  • At least 1.5 credits must be in a discipline other than your major.

The two required credits are in Sociology with a list of corresponding equivalents. The two elective credits can be drawn from a list of electives offered in Sociology and at Laurier. 


This option is open to all non-Sociology students.

Students with a minimum GPA of 7.00 (B-) in their major and 6.00 (C+) overall (or permission from the department) are eligible to apply for the option at any point in years two–four of their program.

A cumulative GPA of 7.00 in the courses specific to the Applied Social Research Option is required to graduate. At least two of the required four credits in the option must be completed at laurier. Completion of the option requirements will result in an “Applied Social Research Option” designation on your transcript and degree.

Note: Some of these courses may have prerequisites that must be fulfilled before the course can be taken.

Students must register for the Option through the Faculty of Arts Program Selection Form.