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Program Requirements

Note: University regulations apply to all students at Laurier. If there is any discrepancy between the program or progression requirements outlined on this page and those in the university's academic calendars, the academic calendars are the official sources of information. The information below is from the latest calendar, and you may be following progression requirements from an earlier calendar. Students are responsible for checking the appropriate calendar. Contact your program coordinator should you notice any discrepancies.

Switching into Sociology

To enter the honours Sociology program you must first complete SY101 and have at least a C average (or 4.0 GPA) in your Sociology courses. You must also have a minimum 4.0 GPA across all your courses. You can declare the major through LORIS using the "Program Selection Form" from Enrolment Services.

If you do not have the GPA to declare the major, you can still take Sociology courses that are not restricted to majors and continue to take your other electives toward the completion of your degree. You can declare the major later, when you have earned the GPA required for the honours program.


MyDegree Updates for Current Students

All current students will see a discrepancy between MyDegree and the new program requirements (effective Fall 2024) unless they switch to the new Calendar for 2024-2025 (i.e., it will appear that you are missing a 400-level credit to graduate even if you have fulfilled the new requirements). To make your MyDegree profile line up with the changes when the new Calendar is released, you can fill out this simple form to change your Calendar year.

Watch this recorded program requirement webinar for more details about the changes in program requirements. You can also contact to set up an advising appointment to review your program progression. 

Undergraduate Program Requirements

Graduate Program Requirements