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Social Justice and Community Engagement

The Social Justice and Community Engagement (SJCE) Master of Arts program is unique in Canada as it is designed to bridge the gap between social/environmental justice theory and practice by combining in-class and community-based experiences.

Throughout the program, you will have the opportunity to interact with and get to know your classmates, Laurier faculty and community members who spend a lot of time thinking about, researching, and participating in advocacy efforts on topics related to social and/or environmental justice.

As SJCE students, you can expect to be intellectually and personally challenged through coursework and a community placement that will require you to think deeply about social justice concepts and practice. You will also work closely with faculty to develop your research interests, skills and projects, as well as your teaching skills through one-on-one mentoring with course instructors and interactions with undergraduate students.

Graduate school can be a life-changing journey that entails so much more than completing degree requirements. You are learning to become researchers, professional colleagues, critical thinkers, and engaged citizens in both your local surroundings and an increasingly global world.

Community Placement

As part of the requirements of the SJCE program, each student will complete a community placement with an organization that engages with social/environmental justice issues. The placement has two components:

  1. An in-class component over the winter and spring terms that involves initial preparations, mid-placement check-in, and final presentations (among other things); and
  2. The time spent with the organization itself for approximately 120 hours. The Placement is meant to inform the major research project (MRP); sometimes this alignment is very straightforward, while at other times, the placement will have a less obvious, though no less relevant, connection to the MRP.

During orientation, students will be required to fill in a community placement intake form to assist in determining an appropriate community placement. The SJCE program will assist in finding suitable placements for all students.

Community placements will be determined in consultation with the student, Community Placement course instructor, graduate coordinator, MRP advisor and community partner. Placements typically take place in Brantford but other locations are possible.

Contact Us:

Robert Kristofferson, Graduate Coordinator

T: 519.756.8228 x5837

Céline Taillefer-Travers, Academic Program Assistant

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