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Keyboard Facility Requirements

All Bachelor of Music students (except those whose major instrument is piano) must demonstrate proficiency on the piano to achieve Laurier’s keyboard facility standard. Failure to meet these standards by the beginning of a student’s third year can result in withdrawal from the program.

All incoming Bachelor of Music students will be required to sign up for a keyboard placement interview during Orientation Week to discuss Laurier’s keyboard facility standards and in some cases to prove they have met our requirements.

During this, interview students can:

  • Provide proof of completing a Grade 6 (or higher) Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) piano exam in the form of an official certificate or examination results, which must have been completed within the previous three calendar years.
  • Attempt Laurier’s keyboard facility exam, meant to test piano skills at a Grade 6 RCM equivalency.
  • Discuss their current level of piano knowledge and discuss Laurier’s keyboard facility standards and optional workshop.

If students are unable to pass the keyboard facility exam or do not opt to attempt the test we recommend they take the Laurier keyboard facility workshop. This workshop is offered to assist students to prepare for the equivalency exam, which is administered as part of the workshop. This workshop does not count towards academic credit runs each term and may be taken for up to four terms (i.e. up to the end of second year).

Should you decide to pursue piano studies on your own in lieu of taking the workshop, you must arrange to retake the keyboard facility exam or present a RCM Grade 6 piano certificate before you enter your third year of study.