100-Level Math Course Override Request Form

This form is intended for 100-level MA course override requests.  For senior MA/ST courses, email your override request information to the Mathematics Undergraduate Program Advisor (mathadvising@wlu.ca).

If you are not currently registered in a program that requires specific math courses (e.g. Core Sciences, Honours BA Biology, General BSc), or if you are currently on Academic Probation, then you must fill out this form in order to request permission to take any 100-level MA course.  All of your answers to the questions on the form will eventually be verified by an academic advisor, before your request is processed.  If you do not answer truthfully, your request will be denied. 

Also note that, depending on your current situation, there are restrictions on which and how many courses you will be allowed to take.  Please see the registration guide for details.

For further information, please email mathadvising@wlu.ca.