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In-Course Scholarships

Full-time undergraduate students, who are not in their first year and who meet the eligibility requirements as outlined below, will be considered for in-course scholarships based on marks they attain in courses taken at Laurier during the previous academic year. Recipients must be registered full-time in an established program leading to a recognized undergraduate degree. 

No Application Necessary

You do not have to apply for in-course scholarships as these scholarships are automatically granted. Successful recipients are notified by email once grades have been finalized for the appropriate term or year of study.

Important Timelines

For students who were in class for the fall and winter terms only, evaluations will take place in July and successful recipients are notified by email late July. For all students who are registered in any spring/summer/intersession courses, evaluations will take place in early October and successful recipients will be notified by mid-October.

In-Course Scholarship Amounts

With a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 10 to 10.49 you can receive an in-course scholarship amount of $500 applied directly to your tuition. GPAs of 10.50 to 10.99 receive $750 and GPAs of 11 to 12 receive $1,500. Amounts of $500 are applied in full to fees for the next full-time academic term. Amounts more than $500 are applied equally to fees for the next two full-time academic terms. The value of in-course scholarships are subject to change.

Regulations for In-Course Scholarships

  • Calculation of the potential scholarship amount is based on the GPA of all courses taken during the fall, winter and spring terms of the previous academic year. 
  • Candidates must be currently registered with Laurier as their home institution, and have completed a minimum of 5.0 full credits in the previous fall, winter and spring terms at Laurier. The student must complete at least two full credits (or four half credits) in at least two of the three terms. Co-op students may satisfy this requirement in any two of the previous fall, winter or spring terms. 
  • To receive the funds for an in-course scholarship, candidates must be registered in a full time course load over two full time academic terms in the current academic year.
  • International exchange students may be eligible to receive an in-course scholarship. If applicable, students who participate in an international exchange through Laurier International are encouraged to contact the Student Awards Office upon completion of the exchange to determine eligibility.
  • Only students in the following double degree programs are eligible to be assessed for this scholarship for a fifth year of undergraduate study: BBA/Honours Computer Science, BBA/Honours Computing and Computer Electronics, BBA/Honours Mathematics (Waterloo).
  • Students in the two year Faculty of Education program are not eligible to receive an In-Course Scholarship.

President’s Gold Scholarship Program

President’s Gold Scholarships are granted upon admission and are renewable for subsequent academic years per the following renewal requirements:

  • Renewal of the President's Gold Scholarship is based on the achievement of a minimum of a 10.5 GPA in courses taken in the previous academic year, as well as the completion of a minimum of 5.0 credits (or 10 half credits) over their regular three terms of study in the previous academic year at Laurier.
  • The student must complete at least two full credits (or four half credits) in at least two of the three terms. If this is not completed, the scholarship will not be renewed and students will not be eligible to receive the President's Gold Scholarship in a subsequent academic year (students would then automatically be assessed for eligibility under the in-course scholarship grid).

Graduate Scholarships

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and the Student Awards Office both work to provide funding opportunities to graduate students at Laurier. The Student Awards Office also works with the Graduate Students' Association to administer financial aid programs for graduate students. The Student Awards Office administers the graduate bursary program as well as the competitive scholarships and awards program (funded by the generosity of our donors).