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In-Course Scholarships

The in-course scholarship program recognizes academic excellence by assessing your marks taken at Laurier that were attained in the previous academic year. You do not have to apply for an in-course scholarship!

To be eligible for assessment you must be:

  • Full-time undergraduate student leading to a recognized degree,
  • Not in the first year of your program,
  • and you must meet all elgibility requirements listed below.

Successful recipients are notified by email once grades have been finalized for the appropriate term or year of study.

In-Course Scholarship Amounts

In-course Scholarship Grid
GPA Award Amount
10.0 to 10.49 $500
10.50 to 10.99 $750
11.0 to 12.0 $1500

Amounts of $500 are applied in full to fees for the next full-time academic term. Amounts more than $500 are applied equally to fees for the next two full-time academic terms.

The value of in-course scholarships are subject to change.

Regulations for In-Course Scholarships

  • GPA is calculated using all courses taken during the fall, winter and spring terms of the previous academic year (September through August).
  • Only students in an approved 5 year Honours double degree program are eligible to be considered on year 4 academic achievement.
  • You must be registered with Laurier as your home institution.
  • You must have completed a minimum of 5.0 full credits in the previous fall, winter and spring terms at Laurier (September through August).
  • You must have completed two full time terms, therefore at least 2.0 credits in minimum two of the three terms in the previous academic year from September through August. (Co-op students may satisfy this requirement in any two of the previous fall, winter or spring terms).
  • To receive the funds in the current year, you must be registered in a full time course load over two full time academic terms in the current academic year.
  • Students in the two year Faculty of Education program are not eligible to receive an in-course scholarship.

President’s Gold Scholarship Program

President’s Gold Scholarships are granted upon admission and are renewable for subsequent academic years if all of the renewal requirements are met:

  • You must achieve a minimum of a 10.5 GPA in courses taken in the previous academic year (September through August).
  • You must have completed a minimum of 5.0 credits (or 10 half credits) in the previous academic year at Laurier (September through August).
  • If more than 5.0 credits are taken in an academic year, the GPA from all courses completed in an academic year will be used to determine renewal eligibility.
  • To be eligible for renewal, recipients of the President's Gold Scholarship must be registered full time in two of the three terms from September through August (therefore a minimum of 2.0 credits pert term, in at least 2 of the 3 terms in the prior academic year).
  • If the renewal requirements are not met in each academic year, the President's Gold Scholarship will not be renewed and cannot be renewed in a subsequent academic year. However, students would then automatically be assessed for an in-course scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions