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Scholarships and Awards

A scholarship is granted on a competitive basis for outstanding academic achievement. The scholarships that you may be eligible for include: 

In-Course Scholarships

The in-course scholarship program recognizes academic excellence by assessing your marks taken at Laurier that were attained in the previous academic year. You do not have to apply for an in-course scholarship!

To be eligible for assessment you must be:

  • Full-time undergraduate student leading to a recognized degree,
  • Not in the first year of your program, and
  • You must meet all elgibility requirements listed below.

Successful recipients are notified by email once grades have been finalized for the appropriate term or year of study.

The value of in-course scholarships are listed below and are subject to change.

In-Course Scholarship Grid


Award Amount

10.0 to 10.49


10.50 to 10.99


11.0 to 12.0


Amounts of $500 are applied in full to fees for the next full-time academic term. Amounts more than $500 are applied equally to fees for the next two full-time academic terms.

Competitive Scholarships

Competitive scholarships are granted based on a combination of academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities such as volunteer work or involvement in campus sports or clubs. These scholarships are available to all students in any year of study.

Use the Student Awards Search Engine to explore opportunities and determine whether you're eligible based on the criteria for each award.

We encourage all students to submit their student profile through LORIS to be considered for competitive scholarship, award and donor-supported bursary opportunities.

Instead of applying for specific awards, we have created the student profile(s) for Laurier students. By completing the profile(s), you are applying to all awards offered to Laurier students.

The online student profiles:

  • Open in late summer and close early fall each year.
  • Are open to all undergraduate and graduate students, including all full- and part-time students and international students. 
  • Helps us determine if you are eligible for a competitive scholarship, award or donor-supported bursary. 
  • Completing the financial statement section isn't mandatory, however many award opportunities have a "financial need" component.

Student Profiles

Learn more about the student profiles below.

External Scholarships

Organizations (cultural groups, foundations, religious groups, etc.) and companies often offer scholarships, which are external to Laurier and are open to students from other universities or colleges.

External scholarships are processed by the Student Awards office.

How to Submit

Make sure the organization makes the cheque payable to Wilfrid Laurier University, and that the cheque includes your name, and Laurier ID.

Further, they must include a letter indicating the following:

  • Which term the cheque should be applied to (i.e. is the full amount for your fall term, or is it split between fall and winter terms?).
  • Whether the organization will be issuing a tax receipt for your scholarship, or Laurier is to issue the tax receipt.

The organization can send the cheque to: ATTN: Student Awards, Wilfrid Laurier University, 75 University Ave West, Waterloo, ON N2L 3C5.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Check your Dates and Deadlines

Complete your award profiles and applications so that you don't miss out on awards, scholarships and bursaries you may be eligible for.

Check the awards important dates and deadlines to give yourself enough time to gather your required documents and make sure you apply for an award on time.