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Laurier Scholars Award Program

The prestigious Laurier Scholars Award offers high-achieving students the opportunity to participate in a dynamic learning environment that will foster innovative thinking and ethical, visionary leadership.

In fall 2022, Laurier will welcome its second cohort of scholars, each of whom will receive a $40,000 scholarship over a four-year period. Award recipients join a community of scholars from across the disciplines and receive mentorship, networking, research and experiential learning opportunities throughout their degree. Laurier’s commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, including social innovation and sustainability efforts, provides Laurier Scholars with a strong foundation to create new ideas and make meaningful change.

Laurier Scholars are required to meet all conditions to receive and renew their scholarship on an annual basis over a four-year period.

Laurier Scholars Award Conditions 

The Laurier Scholar Experience

Over the course of their undergraduate studies, Laurier Scholars will build networks with their cohort through formal and informal gatherings. They will engage in both independent and collaborative projects, choosing from different experiential learning offerings that focus on three key areas:

  • Academic development
  • Career and leadership development
  • Community engagement

Fall 2022 Scholars

In the late summer and early fall of 2022, you will have opportunities to meet the program leader, Dr. James Southworth, as well as your fellow award holders.

Given that this is a multi-campus program, we will deliver the 2022/23 program remotely.

We are continuously developing our new Laurier Scholars Program and are eager to hear the goals and ideas of you, our incoming scholars, who will help shape the program through your contributions.

Some modifications to the program are expected, but throughout the 2022/23 academic year scholars will participate in the following initiatives:

Program Leader

In his professional staff role at Writing Services, James Southworth advances the development of students’ academic writing skills across all disciplines and all levels at the Waterloo campus.

In addition to working with faculty to teach writing in their classrooms and conducting academic research, he leads a team of high-achieving student writing tutors. This includes creating and facilitating regular professional development workshops to help tutors thrive in their student employee roles.

As program leader for the Laurier Scholars Award, he will work closely with award holders as scholars develop holistic skills in leadership and creativity. He is excited to develop rich and innovative programming that can help Laurier Scholars achieve their academic and professional goals.

For any inquiries relating to the administration of the award, you can contact