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Bursary Programs for Current Students

Laurier offers current students financial need-based assistance in the form of bursaries through the following programs. 

You’ll be required to report all sources of income, and this information will be used to assess financial need.

Bursary Deadlines

All bursary applications are available online through LORIS. You’ll receive an email communication through your MyLaurier e-mail address, including specific details on the application process, as soon as the applicable programs are open.

Entrance bursary applications are available before the start of each academic year. However, all other bursary programs are open during each academic year.

Entrance Bursaries (Undergraduate)

An entrance bursary is a monetary award for full-time, first-year students based exclusively on financial need. The best thing about a bursary is that it doesn’t have to be repaid to the university.

Entrance bursaries are only available to

  • applicants who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents,
  • entering into Year 1 of a full-time program at Laurier,
  • who have not previously attended another postsecondary institution (college or university).

In the entrance bursary online application, you’ll be required to report all estimated and actual available sources of income, and this information will be used to assess financial need.

Student Access Guarantee Bursary Program

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) and Ontario's provincially assisted universities and colleges are partnering to support access to post secondary education.

In March 2006, the ministry ended a two year tuition freeze and announced a new Tuition Framework for the fall 2006 to the winter 2010. Postsecondary institutions are now required to participate in the Student Access Guarantee (SAG) that states "no qualified Ontario student should be prevented from Ontario's public colleges and universities due to the lack of financial support programs. Students should have access to the resources they need for their tuition, books, and mandatory fees when these are above the usual range of costs which are covered by OSAP."

Eligible students will be considered automatically for funding from the Student Access Guarantee, no additional application is required. Student Access Guarantee funding is assessed throughout the academic year. Eligible students will recieve a notification to their MyLaurier email. 

The amount of the Student Access Guarantee awarded per student is calculated through the OSAP assessment, and no appeals are considered for the amount of funding granted through the Student Access Guarantee.

It is possible to receive bursary assistance from both the Laurier Tuition Bursary program and the Student Access Guarantee Bursary, unless the Student Access Guarantee fund granted is greater than the tuition bursary maximum. In this situation students will only receive funding through the Student Access Guarantee program.