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Profile, Notifications and Account Settings

Access your profile, notifications and account settings from the minibar in the top right corner of MyLearningSpace, under your name.

MyLS minibar, top right corner


Under Profile, you can change your settings for your profile picture, contact information, social networks and personal information.

To access the settings:

  1. In the minibar under your name, click "Profile."

Privacy Note

Be aware that the 'Profile' information is visible to any member of your classes, including instructors, students and TAs.

Do not post anything to your profile (such as your home phone number, address, personal email, etc.) that you do not wish to share with others.

Account Settings


Notifications will always go to the email address associated with your account in MyLS. For Laurier students, this email will be your email address.

Access Notifications Settings

1. Log in to MyLS.

2. Click your name in the minibar – top right of MyLS.

3. Select "Notifications."