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Process for Student Concerns

If you are a student or you are supporting a student with a concern related to equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI), follow the steps outlined in the process map.

For process map related questions, please email

Understanding Your EDI-Related Concerns

Guiding Questions

Is your concern related to identity, oppression, discrimination or unfair treatment?

  • If yes, follow the remainder of the process.

Are you unsure whether or not this is an EDI concern?

  • If so, reach out to us by emailing and we can help to determine the next steps.

Process Map for Student Concerns

1. Assess Physical and Psychological Safety

Assess the situation:

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2. Contact CSEDI with High-Level Information

Information to include:

  • Parties involved (e.g., “I have become aware of a student who has experienced x in residence”)
  • Safety considerations (e.g., “the student is safe and is seeking guidance about potential actions”)
  • Dates/documentation considering consent and confidentiality (e.g., “On x date, this situation occurred and I’m unsure about what do next. The student has provided consent to contact your office”)
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3. CSEDI Responds with Options

Options may include:

  • Systems navigation and referrals for formal/informal complaint processes.
  • Recommendations for educational resources and/or opportunities (e.g., workshops, discussions, experiential or research-based opportunities)
  • Connection to peer and student-led collectives within the CSEDI (e.g., The Association of Black Students, The Muslim Students’ Association)
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4. Coordinating Responses

Supports and actions may include:

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5. Continued Guidance

Guidance may include:

  • Debriefing and follow-up reflection of processes.
  • Intergroup communication between parties and units.